“…This Conversation Can Serve No Purpose Any More. Goodbye.” – Hal (‘2001: A Space Odyssey’)

Well, actually this one can. Ad infinitum.

But it won’t. … At least not now. Or here.

We (meaning me and you on this blog ūüôā ) reached our 1 year anniversary near the open of this year, so this post is a little lot late in coming. However, thanks so much to all of you, with heads thrust forward in anticipation for the next hopeful movie trailer debut,¬†who spent some of your immensely precious time reading a couple of my ruminations on films – old and new. It’s been a fun and enjoyable experience…even though it *was*¬†a sort of blogging experiment!

Um, now that the truth’s out, I hope you don’t feel too much like a guinea pig :D.

Even though there’s SO much more to share and always will be (e.g. my thoughts on the¬†The Martian, The Walk,¬†and The Little¬†Prince¬†trailers, etc., etc.), I can only fail to do so right now :(. I started this blog in my semi-spare time as a 17-year-old high school/college kid, but now as a fresh 19-year-old with seemingly heftier¬†responsibilities piling on, I decided to try and put a lot of my personal keeping up with movie people’s creations on pause in order to make time to ruminate more about the end of my life (and yours!) and to work on creating my own creations.

That’s all there is I wanted to say. …¬†At least for¬†now.

I’m not E.T., but I’ll still be right here.¬†ūüé•

Do you want to say goodbye? Leave it below!