Throwback Trailer Thursday #14

The trailer for this week’s throwback Thursday is for Mel Gibson’s controversial box office behemoth 2004 film, “The Passion of the Christ,” starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus the Christ. As you probably know or already guessed,The Passion of the Christ depicts Christs’ final hours and His ultimate crucifixion. As you probably know or already guessed as well, this film stirred up sundry emotions in people the world over. Some people credited Passion with changing their lives. Some people reviled the film’s depiction. Others claimed it was anti-Semitic, while a few people just hated Passion because they hate Mel. When I saw The Passion of the Christ as an 8-ish-year-old, I didn’t watch it with everybody else’s opinion in mind. Right off the bat, I knew it was a different kind of “Jesus movie” because it opened with Judas’ betrayal of Jesus Christ, instead of opting to detail His life starting from His miraculous birth or with the miracles He performed for the masses. I remember being scared watching this movie, and feeling really strange because I had never felt scared watching any other movies, even those movies with the purpose to horrify. I remember feeling scared and hiding my face in my hands because I knew it was my sinfulness that pounded Jesus’ body with a cat-o-nine whip, and pierced Him with thorns and spears, and put Him to death on the cross. I remember feeling scared because I knew it wasn’t fair that a perfect God-man suffered for me in excruciating pain I can never know the extent of because I disobeyed my Creator. It was your sin that hung Him on the cross too. And it was Jesus’ absolute love for us and overwhelming desire to see us reconciled to our Maker that kept Him on the cross, in agony, till death. And it was all that which resurrected Him from death. His sacrificial love created a way out for us from this mess we have created, even if you don’t believe it. Check John 3:16. After all, the test of life might be to see if we have faith to believe the unseen, the eternal, and aim for it, instead of growing content with the sad state of the seen, and embracing unbelief because it fits neatly inside our finite minds. These are the thoughts and emotions, The Passion of the Christ welled up in me.

Have you already seen The Passion of the Christ? Leave your commentary about it in the comment section below.


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