Throwback Trailer Thursday #17

The trailer for this week’s throwback Thursday is for Ridley Scott’s 2005 historical costume drama, “Kingdom of Heaven”, starring Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Eva Green, Jeremy Irons, Ghassan Massoud, David Thewlis, and Brendan Gleeson. Kingdom of Heaven is set during the events of the Crusades around the 12th century and focuses in on the life of Balian of Ibelin – a majority of which is fictionalized, might I add. After seeing this pretty epic movie as a kid, I was still of the opinion that Ridley’s Gladiator slightly surpassed his Kingdom. However, Kingdom of Heaven was still entirely enjoyable. Plus, you can even learn something along the way of your viewing journey as my parents encouraged me to do! My favorite character as a kid was King Baldwin IV, played by Edward Norton, in large part because he wore a very cool, slightly creepy mask for almost all his screen time 🙂 .

Have you already seen Kingdom of Heaven? Leave your commentary about it in the comment section below.


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