Throwback Trailer Thursday #29

The trailer for this week’s throwback Thursday is for Spike Lee’s 1989 thought-provoking indie film, “Do the Right Thing”, which is inspired by an actual incident in Howard Beach, New York. Do the Right Thing stars Spike Lee himself, along with Samuel L. Jackson, Rosie Perez, Danny Aiello, Giancarlo Esposito, Ruby Dee, and John Turturro. Crafted to confront a maelstrom of racial and social ills, Spike Lee uses “as his springboard the hottest day of the year on one block in Brooklyn, NY. Three businesses dominate the block: a storefront radio station, where a smooth-talkin’ deejay spins the platters that matter; a convenience store owned by a Korean couple; and Sal’s Famous Pizzeria, the only white-operated business in the neighborhood. Sal serves up slices with his two sons, genial Vito and angry, racist Pino. Sal has one black employee, Mookie, who wants to get paid but lacks ambition. His sister Jade, who has a greater sense of purpose and a real job, wants Mookie to start dealing with his responsibilities, most notably his son with girlfriend Tina. Two of Mookie’s best friends are Radio Raheem, a monolith of a man who rarely speaks, preferring to blast Public Enemy’s rap song Fight The Power on his massive boom box; and Buggin’ Out, nicknamed for his coke-bottle glasses and habit of losing his cool. When Buggin’ Out notes that Sal’s Wall of Fame, a photo gallery of famous Italian-Americans, includes no people of color, he eventually demands a neighborhood boycott, on a day when tensions are already running high, that incurs tragic consequences.” To be sure, I have only heard a lot about Do the Right Thing, and have yet to see it with my own eyes. However, I’m sure it’s safe to say that DtRT encourages us all to actually do the RIGHT thing instead of do NOthing or just do SOMEthing on these hot, hot, summer dayz.

Have you already seen Do the Right Thing? Leave your commentary about it in the comment section below.


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